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Welcome to IAESTE Pakistan!

International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience commonly referred to as IAESTE (pronounced i-a-es-te or ai-es-te) is an international organization exchanging students for technical work experience abroad. Students gain relevant technical training lasting from 4 weeks to 18 months. IAESTE has a National Committee in each member country and various Local Committees under that serving for the cause of IAESTE Pakistan.

Pakistan became a member of IAESTE in 1990. The National Secretary of IAESTE-PAKISTAN is Dr. Arshad Ali, Executive Director HEC and the Head Office is located in Islamabad. More than 400 students have been offered internships worldwide. Pakistan has also hosted a lot of foreign students in different universities and companies.

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For Education

To provide students in higher education with technical experience relevant to their studies

For Employers

To offer employers well-qualified and motivated trainees

For Culture

To be a source of cultural enrichment for trainees and their host communities

For Students

To Connect Students with Employers in Foreign Countries

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25th July 2017

Pakistan Observer - Int'l Student Exchange Programme Develops Cultural Harmony: Mukhtar

The Nation - Foreign students visit HEC, express satisfaction over facilities

Daily Times - Student exchange programmes develop cultural harmony: HEC

32nd Strategic IAESTE Development seminar, Skopje, FYR Macedonia,

4 – 7 May 2017

Together with IAESTE Macedonia it is my pleasure to invite you to the 32nd Strategic IAESTE Developmentseminar – the SID, which will take place in Skopje from 4 – 7 May 2017. IAESTE Macedonia will separately be sending you full details of the venue, schedule, costs and facilities, as well as joining instructions, registration forms, and information on post-conference tour. A website for the SID has now been set up and can be found here:

As you know, SID is an annual meeting where delegates from IAESTE’s participating countries can come together and, in an intensive three day session, participate in work groups which deal with policy on administrative issues affecting the quality of the IAESTE program and the future of our association. Projects and discussion undertaken by SID are normally approved in advance by the General Conference and/or Board.

Please note, that each IAESTE Member, Associate Member and Co-operating Institution will be limited to five participants. The National Secretary is requested to confirm the list of registered delegates to SID Coordinator before the registration closes.

It would be great to have experienced people from all Members and Co-operating Institutions present. If you have already chosen your topics, looking into previous SID minutes will help to have a fruitful outcome. They can be found in our library:

I’m hoping for a high level of participation and record productivity at this year’s SID! Please contact me ahead of time if you want to discuss any aspect of the meeting or the topics proposed. Also if you need a visa for entering FYR Macedonia (check the website to make sure) please get in touch with IAESTE Macedonia ( to get assistance.


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